wavingkilts (wavingkilts) wrote in tenxjack,

The Pulling of The Tie

Title: The Pulling of The Tie
Author: wavingkilts
Pairing: TenxJack.
Rating: G
Warnings: No warnings here :)
Summary: He pulled his tie... It wasn't supposed to happen, but he wasn't complaining any more.
Author's Notes: I had banned myself from looking or reading ANY TenxJack stuff but squeeeee I couldn't help myself so I have been scribbling loads of little drabbles and things for dw100!

It was so different. So very different. He was wrong, but so right. He pulled his tie... he could try as he might to blame it on something else, but it would do no good. Jack's fingers were tightly clasped around his black striped tie, his arm wrapped tightly round his waist.

He wasn't sure how he should feel. He wasn't supposed to fall for the simple pull of the tie, but it was so rough. Jack broke it, pulling away slowly.

“What... what was that?”

Jack smirked,

“The pulling of the tie always works a treat!”
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