wavingkilts (wavingkilts) wrote in tenxjack,

That Tight Suit

Title: That Tight Suit
Author: wavingkilts
Pairing: TenxJack.
Rating: PG
Warnings: No warnings here :)
Summary: “Take off that tight suit.” he still wasn't used to those words.
Author's Notes: I had banned myself from looking or reading ANY TenxJack stuff but squeeeee I couldn't help myself so I have been scribbling loads of little drabbles and things for dw100!

He was sat lounging in the jumpseat, feet up on the console, staring into space, mind whirling and his stomach flipping. His hands hung limp as he pulled in a breath. Jack... he shook his head. It wouldn't happen again, although the sex... no it wouldn't happen again. He couldn't let it happen again. He was sure in his heart of hearts he wouldn't be able to bare it if Jack left. The adrenaline... the heat.. No! Soon he felt a hand slide through his hair and that whispering voice in his ear,

“Take off that tight suit.”

He still wasn't used to those words.
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