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This is the first and the definative community for everyone and everything that supports the pairing of The Tenth Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness, characters from Doctor Who.

From fanfiction to fanart to icons to photos, you can come here and meet up with fellow supporters of Cupboard (all will be explained within!) to bask in the glory of the best pairing ever that Russell T. Davies does not want to us to support. :D

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea and a hobnob, and get ready to scare a pouty chav embark on the ride of a life time.

Feel free to contact fishesofdoom with any queries. :D


Hate them you may, but without them, TenxJack would sink into a pile of smutty goo.

1. Perhaps the most obvious. Ship-Wars are not welcome! If you're not a fan of the pairing Ten/Jack, then it's pretty safe to say that you shouldn't join. We don't want any character bashing or fighting here. Play fair to each other. :)

2. Constructive Critisism over flaming. If you don't like, or have a problem with someone's work, fanfic or graphic, then try to say something posistive too. Be polite. Think how you would feel if you'd spent days working on something only for someone to come and start insulting your work without any clear cause! We all like to know how we can improve, but it's far more mature and helpful to leave nice things as well as criticism. The golden rule; if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

3. LJ-Cuts are a must for spoilers, icon posts over three icons, large graphics, photos, fanfics, and anything else relatively long. For spoilers, anything that could spoil an episode etc. for our members, it's safer to put it under a cut. If you don't know how to do a cut, this will help you.

4. Icons and graphics are very awesome and pretty, but...please make sure they relate to The Tenth Doctor or Captain Jack Harkness in some way! This includes Torchwood and Doctor Who icons, as long as they're not shipping another pairing, of course. ;)

You can find a full list of rules for our community here.

Fanfiction Guidelines

When posting fanfiction, please make sure you post it under a cut (no matter what length the fic is) and use this form so people know what to expect before clicking:

Title: Name of the story.
Author: Who wrote this. If you didn't, GET PERMISSION FROM WHOEVER DID BEFORE POSTING.
Pairing: TenxJack.
Rating: PG, 12A (PG-13), 15, 18 (NC-17, Mature)
Warnings: List anything that may not be suitable for younger/squeamish readers and PLEASE SAY IF YOUR STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS AND IF SO WHAT FOR!
Summary: One or two sentances summing up the fic.
Author's Notes: Anything you might want to add. Eg: Word count, time to write, etc. Not manditory.
Sample: A few sentances from the story. You don't have to include this.

All fanfiction must be slash about Ten and Jack. Otherwise, it'd be a bit pointless calling the community tenxjack. xD

Remember, you don't have to write slash to join this community! You just have to support the pairing!

What about Real Person Slash (RPS)?

No, sorry.




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